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Release Date: Thursday, 01 February 2018

Number of Pages: 55

Publisher: Southern Paradise Publishing

B.E.S.T.O.W. Your Blessings

Principles To living an enriching life using the Laws of Reciprocity.

B.E.S.T.O.W.  Your Blessings

B – Be true to yourself.

E – Energy

S – Success is to be celebrated

T – Treasure mapping

O – Own it

W– Wisdom and Willful Thinking


When you bestow your many talents and gifts on the universe, a wondrous thing occurs:  In doing so, you will help others, but you will also experience further blessings. You see, the Law of Reciprocity takes effect. The Law of Reciprocity is the social psychology of giving to others as things have been given to you. It is the act of giving and receiving to/from the universe.


The Law of Reciprocity is also a relationship builder. Sharing your blessings will fill your life with more blessings and opportunities than you could ever imagine possible!


As a southern country girl, I was raised to believe in the principle: “To whom much is given, much is expected.” In a nutshell, this meant that if I had musical talents I should use those to glorify the Creator who gave me those talents. If your talent is cooking, the philosophy says that you have an obligation to prepare food for others. If you are a gifted artist, it behooves you to create works that will uplift others with their beauty and inspiration.


If your talents lie in the area of speaking or writing, it is your requirement to share these blessings with the world. In so doing, you can — like Martin Luther King, Jr. or Gandhi, or Hemingway, or Chekov, or Billy Graham—share your gift of words with the world. You can influence the thoughts of others by what you say or write.


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  1. Congratulations on releasing your books to the universe! I look forward to ordering them all, especially the children’s book.

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