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Release Date: Thursday, 01 February 2018

Number of Pages: 55

Publisher: Southern Paradise Publishing

My Journey to Distinguished TM

In My Journey to Distinguished Toastmaster, author Sherry Y. Smith shares eight of her favorite speeches given during her process of achieving her Distinguished Toastmasters designation. Sherry begins with her Ice Breaker speech, inviting you into her world as she shares a little of her southern upbringing. She continues sharing even more of her life experiences in her speech titled ‘I Am the Woman Your Mother Warned You About‘. Her selection titled ‘Achieve Your Goals with Vision Boards‘ offers ideas on bringing your wants and desires to life with the use of vision boards. Readers can use her stories as an inspiration for their own speech writing.

Toastmasters International is a speaking organization with over 300,000 members worldwide. Toastmasters International empowers its members to improve their communication and leadership skills within a supportive environment.

Table of Contents

Speech 1:    Just a Country Girl

Speech 2:    Choosing Your Speech Topic

Speech 3:    I Am The Woman Your Mother Warned You About

Speech 4:    Release Your Inner Child

Speech 5:    Nothing Personal, But I Hope You See Less of Me This Year

Speech 6:    Back Down Memory Lane

Speech 7:    My Favorite Soap

Speech 8:    Achieve Your Goals with Vision Boards

Speech 9:    T’was The Night Before Xmas

Speech 10:   The Child in You…Let Her Go!



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