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Release Date: Monday, 04 December 2017

Number in Series: 1

Number of Pages: 38

Publisher: Southern Paradise Publishing

ISBN-10: 0971722536

ISBN-13: 978-0971722538

My Mystical Magical Shrinking Hair

My hair has Mystical, Magical, Shrinking Powers!

So starts the beginning of the children’s book story about Crystal’s beautifully curled natural hair. The book takes the reader through Crystal’s hair texture as a small baby and how it grows longer and longer as she grows taller and taller into a little girl.  This is the perfect book to share with your daughter, niece, god child, or any other little princess that you want to engulf with pride for their beautiful naturally coiled hair. This is the first book in a series of 3 books that will chronicle the adventures of Crystal and her friends, and is available on







One thought on “My Mystical Magical Shrinking Hair

  1. Sherry I just went to your show here in Atlanta last night.
    You are brilliant, funny and a beautiful woman.
    My husband, myself and 2 other friends were with her and we all enjoyed it.
    You make me regret not growing up in Calypso, There was a lot of love and lessons, which being an only child growing up in NY I apparently missed.
    Keep smiling and stay blessed. I will keep my eye out for you and your next adventure.
    Rosalie Brown

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